Modell  GAMMA   Automatische Kollektorkranzfräsmaschine

Automatic commutator slotting machine



For almost 20 years RIMAC s.r.l /Italy has developed and produced machines for the electric motor manufactures. High quality, reliability and close cooperation with the customers have made RIMAC to the leading company especially in the commutator field.


Modell  BETAMATIK S   Automatische Kollektorglimmerfräsmaschine

RIMAC  Modell "BETAMATIK S" Automatic undercutting machine

Following a part of our production line:
• automatic undercutting machines
• automatic slotting machines
• cut and strip machines for flat copper
• commutator welding machines
• turning lathes
• armature tester
• tin wave soldering bathes
• tungsten carbide cutters